Hale Pet Door Welcomes Front Range Pet Doors in Denver

Pat Grumbles of Front Range Pet Doors installs Hale Pet Doors in North Metro Denver

The people of Metro Denver love their pets and want high quality dog doors installed to keep their pets healthy and happy.

In order to provide pet door installation service to the north metro Denver area, Hale Pet Door is proud to have Pat Grumbles of Front Range Pet Doors in that area.

A Colorado native, Pat is a lifelong dog owner. He understands the vagaries of Colorado weather and the importance of allowing dogs to go out to answer ‘nature’s call’ when necessary.

He has been installing pet doors for several years and knows that the quality of Hale Pet Doors materials and construction make them the best on the market.

Pat and Front Range Pet Doors will be installing Hale Pet Doors in Westminster, Thornton and Boulder, CO. He can be reached at 720-663-1364 or through his website FrontRangePetDoors.com

Mile High Dog Doors has a New Owner


Dustin Linton of Mile High Dog Door is ready, willing and able to install your pet door

After a brief hiatus, Mile High Dog Doors is back in the swing with Dustin Linton. In the Hale Pet Door family of businesses, Mile High Dog Doors has been installing high quality pet doors in the Denver area since 2010.

Backed by Hale Pet Door’s 27 years of pet door experience, Mile High Dog Doors provides professional pet door installation. Whether you want your doggie door in your door, wall or even right in glass, Dustin will install the best pet door in the best place in your home.

Mile High Dog Doors main service area is the area of Denver south of E470 in Parker, Castle Rock, Lone Tree and Littleton, but Dustin is willing to go wherever someone needs a high quality dog door installed.

Call 720-670-0913 or visit MileHighDogDoors.com today.

High Country Pet Doors Joins Hale Pet Door’s Installers

Shawn Curtin of High Country Dog Doors will install your Hale Pet Door

High Country Pet Doors is the newest pet door installation company to join the Hale Pet Door family of installers. Shawn Curtin is the business operator and installer. He is both a pet lover and an experienced carpenter.

When you have a Hale Pet Door professionally installed by High Country Dog Doors, you can rest assured that the Hale Pet Door brand stands behind the doggie door and the installation.

Shawn Curtin has 25 years of construction experience and is a master finish carpenter. When he installs your dog door, you can be confident that your home will look better than before he came.

Shawn has been a dog owner for over 40 years – since early childhood. Currently he and his wife, Christina, share their home with Priscilla, a Shih Tzu-Pomeranian and toy poodle, Shadow, whom they are watching while her owner is in the hospital.

Call 720-722-3647 or visit HighCountryDogDoors.com today


Rocky Mountain Pet Doors has a New Owner


Greg Rodgers of Rocky Mountain Pet Doors can install your Hale Pet Door

Installing pet doors in the Denver and the Front Range communities has been the expertise of Rocky Mountain Pet Doors since 2010. Greg Rodgers is the new operator and brings 20 years of glass experience to this endeavor.

Greg loves pets and hopes his pet door solutions help pets and their owners to enjoy each other more. When pets can go out when necessary and come back in at will, they are healthier and happier.

Rocky Mountain Pet Doors installs dog doors all over the Denver area and focuses on the Evergreen, Bailey, Highlands Ranch and Parker areas.

Whether you want a pet door installed in a wall, door or right through glass, Greg has the expertise to help you choose the right size and type of dog door for your home, family and pets.

Call 720-470-4417 or visit RockyMountainPetDoors.com today!


Lone Star Dog Doors Installs Hale Pet Doors in Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas pet lovers can call Bill Palmer of Lone Star Dog Doors to get their pet doors installed

The name Hale Pet Door has long stood for quality and excellence in both products and service. Through our network of dealers across the country we are able to satisfy our customer’s needs for both excellent pet doors and professional, perfect installation.

We are happy to welcome Bill Palmer, owner of Lone Star Dog Doors in Dallas, Texas to our network of installers and dealers across the country.

Bill has been working as a professional in babyproofing houses and in high end kitchen and bathroom remodeling for over 20 years.  Now he has added our highest quality dog doors to his product line to assist the four-legged members of the family as well.

Give Bill a call at 214-310-1785 or visit LoneStarDogDoors.com to learn more about his services or to schedule an appointment today.