Fourth of July Safety Tips for Your Pets

Keep your pets safe while celebrating

Sensitive dogs like this one require extra care during the noisy celebrations of Independence Day

The busiest day at Shelters around the country is the Fifth of July. So many pets get so scared by the explosions and lights that they run blindly in terror and can’t find their way home and end up at the local pound.

Here are some tips to keep your pets safe and calm while the country celebrates her birthday:

  • Find a Quiet Place – Keep your pets confined to a safe room in your home while the fireworks are on. Play some comforting music or turn on the television to block the noise. If you’re not going out to celebrate, relax and pet or cuddle with your cat or dog making them comfortable.
  • If it’s barbeque or block party time, be sure to keep your pet safe inside your home, so she doesn’t hear your voice and try to jump the fence to get to you or those enticing food odors.
  • Keep those delicious party foods for people. Exotic foods coupled with excitement can upset your pet’s digestive system. Remember that tasty foods that we enjoy, like: avocado, onion, raisins, grapes, chocolate and alcohol can be toxic to our furry friends.
  • Although sunscreen and bug repellant may help you enjoy the outdoors, don’t use these products on your pet unless they are specifically made for animals’ delicate skin.
  • Even if your pet is not afraid of the booms and bright lights of fireworks, be sure to keep him away from matches and sparklers as they can cause burns.
  • Be sure to securely fasten your Hale Pet Door security cover to keep your pets safe inside the house while you go out to celebrate.

Keep summer a fun time by keeping your pets safe while you celebrate Independence Day!

Dog Door Security Issues Solved

Dog doors can become security issues for your home if you don’t prepare for the problems that can arise.

Security Covers that are Truly Secure

An indestructible security cover that fits into a strong aluminum frame with steel reinforced corners will ensure that no one can access your home while the security cover is in place. A positive pin lock on the frame prevents your wall from getting scratched and holds the security cover in place. Check out the details.

Security Barriers Keep Your Home Safe

Hale Pet Door Security Barrier

Security Barrier for dog doors help keep your home safe

While it’s important to be secure while you’re at home, it’s also wise to protect your home while you’re away. When you’re not home, you’ll want to leave your dog door open, so your dog can come and go into and out of the house for his health and happiness. However, if you have a dog door that is large enough for a person to crawl through, you may be putting your house at risk of burglary or vandalism.

The solution is a security barrier that allows your dog free access but discourages human intrusion. There is a security barrier that is attractive, durable and does the job. The Hale Pet Door Security Barrier looks like a cedar dog house, but built into the barrier is a panel that your dog can bend around, but an adult human can’t traverse. For more information, visit our website.

There are solutions for security concerns with pet doors if you just know where to look. Do you have concerns that stop you from getting a pet door?