How to Really Love Your Pet


February is the month of love, and you know how much love your pets add to your life. You want to return that love to let them know how precious they are to you. But have you thought of what your pet needs to be truly loved?

Give Your Pets What They Need

It’s only natural for people to give their pets the things that they would appreciate receiving, but pets are different species, so they have different needs and desires.

Dogs are pack animals, so your presence is the best present you can give your dog. Exercise and playing with you simulates hunting with the pack—a necessity for your dog’s mental, emotional and physical health.

Cats are usually more solitary types, but they appreciate play that simulates hunting. Short bursts of intense physical activity followed by a snack and a nap is the cat’s meow.

Give Your Pets What They Want

There is one constant between humans and pets. The desire to be near and to interact with loved ones. Give your pets your time. You may not have large blocks of time to spare, but there is truth to “quality time” even if it’s a few minutes at a time.

A peaceful environment where pets feel safe is another gift you can give your pet. Take time for training, so your pet knows what acceptable behavior is. Pets don’t understand punishment, so catch them doing the right thing and praise that behavior. Instead of yelling, “No!” which raises your blood pressure and confuses the animal, give him something to do – go lie down in his bed or safe spot with a small treat or favorite toy.

Be consistent with your expectations for your pet. If you like your dog to jump up to greet you when you have your sweats on, remember that she will also jump on you when you’re wearing your good clothes too. You can have it both ways by teaching your dog a cue to give you a hug when appropriate and a different cue for staying down.

High quality food, a comfortable place to rest and good company are the ways to show love to your pet. Don’t forget to get a Hale Pet Door  so your pet can go outside when necessary and come back into the house again.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Beloved (PET!)


Show your pets your love with activities they enjoy


February is the month we celebrate love. And who better to bestow your love and affection on than the ones who love you so unconditionally – your pets!


Because your cat or dog probably won’t appreciate flowers, and candy can be hazardous to their health, here are a few acts that will prove your love.

  • Get a sample of high quality pet food. This can be raw, canned or dehydrated excellent food which will make a nutritious and delicious treat! Be sure to keep your chocolate out of your pets’ reach as it’s poisonous to both cats and dogs.
  • Give your pet the gift of time. Whether your dog loves a hike on the wild side or your cat just want to snuggle while you read, give your loved one your full attention – or just a warm lap – on or around Valentine’s Day to show how much you appreciate their love.
  • Get a professional photo taken of your pet (and you), frame it and display it proudly.
  • Artists will sketch or paint your pet from a photo which makes a special remembrance of your loving bond.
  • Give your beloved pet some undemanding time. Your undivided attention is what your pet craves most from you, so set aside 15 minutes in your busy day and just bask in their animal attention.
  • Food puzzles are great for cats and dogs. The puzzles motivate your furry friend to move and solve problems, so they offer great mental and physical stimulation.
  • Get a safe, durable and attractive Hale Pet Door so that your pet can answer the ‘call of nature’ whenever necessary.

How will you show your love to your best friends this Valentine’s Day?